7 Most Common Toenail Fungus Mistakes

If you have toenail fungus or want to avoid getting it, here are 7 toenail fungus mistakes to watch out for:

  • Thinking your pedicurist or spa is safe without checking – One of the hotbeds of toenail fungus today is your local nail salon or spa. That’s why you should always ask if they sterilize not only the tools they use, but also the pedicure tubs your feet soak in before they start work on your toenails.
  • Failing to disinfect your shower or tub – Toenail fungus loves warm, wet places like your shower or tub. So be sure to scrub your shower or tub and disinfect it with a bleach-based cleanser regularly.
  • Hoping your toenail fungus will go away on its own – It would be nice if that ugly toenail fungus would just disappear. But nail fungus is usually chronic and likely to spread to your other toes and even to other parts of your body. So treating it right away is a must.
  • Wearing tight or heavy, thick shoes – Thick heavy shoes like work boots are usually very moist and perfect breeding grounds for toenail fungus. And tight closed-toe shoes can also put painful pressure on your infected toenails, making things worse. Instead wear looser shoes that breathe. Even better, wear sandals or open-toe shoes if you can.
  • Forgetting your flip flops at the pool – Always wear a pair of flip flops when you visit public showers, the gym, and the local pool to protect your feet from these fungus-infested places.
  • Picking or digging at your toes – While you may be tempted to try to fix your toenails yourself by picking, cutting, or digging at your nails to get rid of the fungus…don’t. You may be doing more damage than good, spreading the fungus to your other nails and possibly kicking off an infection.
  • Relying on topical creams, drops, or VapoRub – There’s plenty of stories out there about people trying to treat their toenail fungus with all kinds of topical solutions including VapoRub. However, these topical solutions don’t work very well. That’s because they only treat the outer part of the nail and skin around it.

While topical solutions don’t work well, now there’s a new at-home breakthrough that targets toenail fungus where it hides in your body. Even better, it’s natural and it takes just 30 seconds a day.

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